Meeting Wyland

The other night my friend invited me to join her at an event at the Wyland Gallery. It was a great evening and especially fun to see an artist treated like a celebrity with people lining up for autographs and pictures.

Robert Wyland’s artwork holds a special place in my heart. He was the first living artist that I was really aware of.  His “whaling walls” are an integral part of the Southern California landscape, and they continue to inspire awe and wonder for the extraordinary creatures of the sea whenever I come across one.

And so of course, I got a picture. Just like the fan I am.


My New Home for the Summer

This summer I will be in booth number 506 at the Sawdust Festival. I will be sharing the space with Lorraine Adler, who had the booth next to mine last summer. She is a fantastic watercolor painter, and I’m looking forward to exhibiting our work together.

We started the construction process last Saturday. Here is a pic of the both of us after a long and grubby day of framing our booth. We are two handy gals!