Perfect Moments

One of my favorite things about making art and participating in art festivals is the opportunity to share my ideas and to watch how people interact with my artwork. I especially love watching people when they first encounter the small sculptures in the infinite cosmos series, and hearing the different stories and thoughts that it brings forth.

This spring, while my work was on display at the OC Creatives Gallery, I realized that by not being there in person, I was missing out on the stories and watching the interactions. So I tried something new. In writing I described how with each small sculpture in the Infinite Cosmos Series, I am attempting to capture “perfect moments” in the glass. Each design is a never to be repeated, and is made with the hope that it evokes a spark of inspiration, fascination, or emotion in another person.

I then pasted that written description on a jar and invited  people to write down and share their own “perfect moments.”. At the end of my time in the gallery, I held a drawing and gave one of the Infinite Sculptures away. The winner was very happy to pick her favorite sculpture, and for me, the real prize was getting to hear the wonderful variety of stories that people shared.

Here are some of the perfect moments that people chose to share. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

If you want to share your own perfect moment, simply click here.


“the baby’s smile”

“Waking up on a Saturday morning and watching my loving husband asleep next to me.”

“Sitting outside the line up on my surfboard at sunset, dolphins porpoising nearby pelicans gliding through troughs of the swells.
using my sacred voice to sing my song “come to me” at sunset.
knowing when I was in love with my wife.”

“My “imperfect moment” is my sunset on the beach without you.”

“Coms Ho” Truly a “Bliss” that took miz bizyond rizality. Mahalos.”

“Spending the weekend in a beachy town with my best friend Sophie & Mom & Bill.”

“Being so involved in a painting, sculpture, collage tht I transcend reality.”

“Beach with cocktail (maybe strawberry mojito) a good book, light music, and the smell of coconut/vanilla – Don’t forget the chocolate dessert.”

“Flying to O.Z.O.R.A. for a psy-fest.”

“Finishing a project with the vision I began the process with.”

“The 45 minute drive I make driving my son to school & back home. It is a moment to talk & share away from distractions. I learn so much & am able to connect with him.”

“Sunrise at Joshua Tree. I was with friends. A stranger had offered us a place to stay. The sky was orange. And the world was perfect.”

And congratulations to Wendy Kelley. Her perfect moment was

“hearing a song that brings back a wonderful memory”

and this is the Infinite Cosmos sculpture that she chose.

perfect moment winner - July 2014