Perfect Moments – Fall Update

Earlier this year I started what I call the “Perfect Moments Project” as a way to expand the ways I could communicate and share experiences with people who enjoy my artwork. I repeated the process this summer at the Sawdust Festival, asking people to share in their own words what a perfect moment was to them, however they choose to interpret the idea.  And, because it is a two-way thing,  one lucky winner from the summer (selected at random) got to pick one of my  perfect moments captured in glass from the infinite cosmos series in exchange.

Here are some of the perfect moments that people chose to share. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

being at the beach watching sunsets with my best friends!
the satisfaction of knowing I have the best I have could have done with all the resources I have.
finding a good paying job
when the sun sets on the ocean
sunsets in Laguna Beach and Hawaii
renewing my vows on Andros Island Bahamas after 27 years.
spending time with my cousin looking at art
always being happy with my husband <3
the reddish design with a exploding star in the middle. It reminds me of an enemene somehow.
sunset in a zoo listening to the animals
standing on top of Uxatasar Mountain (“Dream Mountain”) in Armenia, surrounded by clouds, crystal clear mountain water and 5000 year old petroglyphs.
beach & Corona
when I was in Barcelona and I was eating tapas with close friends & family & the good food and good friends made for the perfect moment.
Ava laughing 🙂
when I am in my Creative Flow Zone!
our first trip to Colorado
one of my perfect moments is admiring the beauty of your Art!!
One fine day in July I was camping with my best friend and the love of my life at Mt. Spokeane, Washington. The campsite was empty & we had it to ourselves. We drew lovely pictures and hiked all day. As the sun set, we sat in silence & reflected on our day. That’s when I knew that I loved him <3
sunshine after sleet storm at Arc de Triump in Paris
the moment I opened my letter informing me of my scholarship to the University of Denver!
reconnecting with old friends
In a forest or any area filled with natrue and that perfect moment of silence.
grabbing the first small piece and touching it.
the one only time in life I have seen the GREEN FLASH!
When the day has ended and you feel complete with knowing you have loved and been loved by the universe.
Waking up in Oahu & watching the breathtaking view of a sunrise & the ocean fom my balcony. I felt one with the universe.
this one
when I am at peace with everything is at a perfect place….
enjoying art with my three boys.
saving myself from depression
laying on the grass with my mom watching a meteor shower very early in the morning.
when my nieces see me and yell my name and come running to give me a hug and kisses
your art makes me feel intertwined with all the possibilities that the universe has to offer. It almost feels as if it is connecting with my future selfand mhy soul. Keep it rollin.
sitting down to a good meal with family.
when I realized I wanted to be an artist
making breakfast for two.
Having a relationship from the heart filled with love.
Sharing family time! (grandchildren)
A’s in my classes
making the decision give my life to the goddess after 15 years of dabbling. XX
time with my kids and grandkids
The completion of a project.
waking up on Christmas morning.
sharing, giving gratitude.
the perfect kiss
Being with friends & family and in the company of love…or… the moment when you feel you are in the right place at the right time. You know the feeling I’m talking about.
sunset in Hawaii
an unexpected hug from a friend <3
one of a kind creative energy
sitting on the beach, watching the sunset, breathing in the air and realizing life has just begun.
being in Lake Tahoe
The gods give us two joys – to love a woman who loves you, and to kill a man who wants to kill you. – Darius
my first kiss
when something makes me smile
finally seeing my plants bloom after years of raising them.
Cool Breeze, Fragrant air, slight buzz. Sunset.
being here today!
the time I spend with God.
my everyday moment
seeing a flaming ninga stat.
when I walk through the beach and hear the waves crashing
Bobbing my head to the bass guys’s wave, moving my hips along to the vocals, and getting inspired for some alien, galactic-inspired photoshoots. Keep on truckin human! [peace sign]
staring at the stars in Panama. I have never seen so many before.
any time where I feel perfectly and uniquely at one with the world.
walking through the Redwood Forest enjoying peaceful nature
practicing my saxophone and finally nailing a part I worked hard for.
the only moment that is… NOW
Paris sunset from the Sacré Cœur
that time of day when the sky and light turns everything periwinkle
when my daughter smiles.
hitting a grand slam
Seeing my sister with her granddaughter today after 1.5 years not connecting.
eating lots of food
being here! 🙂 my boyfriend brought me for our anniversary <3
meeting Steve Wynn
Laughing and talking around an outdoor table with family or friends.
every night when I snuggle down in bed to read before falling asleep! After a long day at work 🙂
Life is a circle never ending!
drinking a morning latte and petting my crazy siamese. [cat pic]
sitting with a friend at the ocean, either sunrise or sunset.