Radio Interview with KX 93.5

Thank you Jason Feddy for having me on your great local radio show to talk about the Sawdust Festival and how my Magic Room installation has brought back a bit of that fun vibe that made the Sawdust famous as an extra fun festival to visit.

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The Magic Room – Fun For All Ages

When I opened up the “Magic Room” art installation to the public this summer, I knew it would be special but I wasn’t sure exactly how people would respond. Now that we are a couple weeks into the show, I can say that I am constantly amazed, inspired, and surprised. There is no end to the creative and thoroughly unique responses that different people have when they go in the room.  This is one of my favorites.  You can find more by looking at, or searching the hashtag #sawdustmagicroom on your favorite social media site (instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.).

Magic room dance party! #sawdustmagicroom

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