2016 – NonSelfie Kaleidoscope

The NonSelfie Kaleidoscope is a human-sized teleidoscope (a style of kaleidoscope with an open view so it can form patterns from objects outside the instrument) There were three viewing portals with mirrors configurations in triangular, square, and parallelogram shapes, each of which provided a different type of reflected shape. Visitors could view their friends and family through the teleidoscope and take pictures of one another. The exhibit was intentionally designed so it was impossible to take a “selfie” by oneself, thereby forcing people to have genuine human interaction through the teleidoscope if they wanted to take a picture.

The NonSelfie Kaleidoscope was on display a the summer 2016 Sawdust Art Festival. I later brought it to the Desert Daze Music Festival in October 2016. The NonSelfie Kaleidoscope is currently available for special events.









Slideshow of images taken in the NonSelfie Kaleidoscope