About the Artist

I have always been fascinated by the moments and spaces  where the human psyche meets the natural world and experiences wonder.  My goal is to explore that space, and to make it accessible to others through glass art, sculpture, and interactive art installations.

IMG_3502That is why so many of my pieces are tactile or involve participation. I want people to interact with them and explore whatever range of feeling, thought, or emotion that the experience may bring. Inspiration can come from many sources, but I most often find myself drawing from nature, geometric design, archaeology and traditional motifs that have proven universal across different times and cultures.

Interactive Art FAQ

Starting in the 2015 exhibit year, and continuing annually since then, I have taken advantage of my space in the Sawdust Festival to create interactive exhibits, doing all construction myself by hand. My goal is to take high-concept art that only exists in museums or exclusive galleries/exhibits and recreate it in a form and place that is accessible to everyone. I do extensive research on art installations all over the world, break down the concept of an installation I find interesting, and then recreate it in a form that is affordable, engaging for our visitors, and will fit within a space of less than 5 feet by 5 feet so that it can be displayed alongside my other artwork within the confines of a Sawdust Festival booth.

For the past three years, the main theme of my interactive exhibits is to build a participatory experience that uses simple construction to provide visitors with not only a fun and memorable experience, but also engage their curiosity about scientific principles (mostly featuring simple physics) and the analog principles behind many things that they may take for granted in a digital world. All of the installations described below were completed with a materials budget of less than $300 each and built strongly enough to survive interactive use by over 200 visitors per day over a 65-day period.

Glass Art FAQ

So why glass carving?

I am often asked how I decided to specialize in the craft of carving and painting glass. It all started when a neighbor who was a master in the technique was kind enough to allow me into her studio. The more I learned about carving glass, the more I fell in love with both the process and with the beauty of the things that I could create.  In time, I built my own studio, and have been doing this ever since.

So what is glass carving?

Cold-process glass work  is a highly precise, labor-intensive, and detail oriented craft . Etching the glass is done through a slow process of erosion, using a sandblaster.  As more glass is removed, the design is transformed from a simple surface etching to a deep and tactile carving. Each artwork requires careful design and precise masking to protect those parts of the glass that will not be carved. Only then can the etching begin.

During the carving process, each piece may require one, five, or even twenty different stages of blasting, depending on the complexity of the design. The deeper the carving, the longer it takes. Once the carving is complete, some of the artworks are left in a frosted sandblast finish, while others are then carefully painted. To color the glass, I add layers of vibrant translucent paint using an airbrush and then seal the work with a uv-resistant clear-coat finish.

Thank you so much for visiting this site. I hope you like what you see.